Falling Dark

With their first collaborative show, 428collective expands the role of contemporary art in Sonoma County. On June 1, 2013, the Sonoma County-based 428collective will open their first collaborative show, “Falling Dark,” at Perdita Productions in Geyserville, CA. In keeping with the boundary-pushing nature of past shows at Perdita Productions, the works in “Falling Dark” range from site-specific installations to innovative interpretations of film, painting, and photography. Each artist in the show has created new work inspired by the time when day turns to night, or “the hour between dog and wolf.” The works in the show consider this liminal state through a wide lens, depicting ideas and experiences such as the space between public and private, moments of opportunity and risk, childhood perspectives of time, and the creative process.

In producing “Falling Dark” and future projects, the artists in 428collective aim to give contemporary art a stronger voice in Sonoma County.
“Falling Dark” features the artists of 428collective: Cristina Hobbs, Maura Harrington, Pat Lenz, Jessica Martin, Caitlin McCaffrey, Susan Preston, Flora Skivington, Carol Vena-Mondt, Victoria Wagner, and Alice Warnecke.
428collective has also published a catalog to compliment the show, which will be available for purchase through Perdita Productions.




Single-channel video

Length: 3:58,27 minutes

Projector, screen, speakers,

shelf, hard drive

Edition of 3

On June 23, 2013, 428Collective met at 9:00 pm during a full moon for The Howl.
The video: The Howl