The Museum of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa CA | April 2019

     "Women are responsible for the survival of the world; men are responsible for its glories."

Netherland: A Novel by Joseph O'Neill

What does it mean to be Nobody's Poodle? No one can name you, command you, or lead you around. You think and decide for yourself. When I began this project there were wars and genocides raging all over the globe fueled by testosterone-filled, power-hungry despots without compassion for people or nature. The world has not changed.I envisioned a new icon: a goddess, a heroine, the embodiment everything positive, life-giving, and life-sustaining.  A post-biblical idol who embraces her femininity while exuding power and control, Nobody's Poodle is a force for peace and non-violence whose weapon is perfume emitted from a grenade-shaped atomizer. She is a Twenty First century super hero.